USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula Preworkout Review

Quick rundown

  • For hardcore stimulation preworkout lovers!
  • DMAA/DMHA preworkout
  • Absolutely insane stimulation
  • Amazing energy
  • Insane focus
  • Lacking pumps
  • Strong side effects

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USP Labs Jack3D is the stuff of legends. I’m glad to be able to review Jack3D once again. I first took the preworkout around 10 years ago. Very excited to see it return even if under a different formula. For the clarity of the review, USP Labs Jack3D 2020 is a changed formula as DMAA has been since banned. I recall that Jack3D had two standout features – the absolutely horrendous taste and insane stimulation.

I will go slightly ahead of myself and say – my review experience of USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula held up to the hype I had for the previous version. Jack3D has even retained the way too powerful taste. I recall calling the old lime version “nuclear waste lime”. If you go the 3 scoop route, the taste will definitely be “nuclear waste X”!


USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula Label Review
USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula Label Review

Unfortunately, it’s mostly a proprietary blend which means we don’t know how much product we’re getting per scoop. I reviewed USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula on both 2 and 3 scoops. One scoop seems to be a little weak for an experienced user and I only tried it once.

  • AAKG – Pump ingredient. Seems to work for some and do nothing for others. Unfortunately, I’m in the second camp so it didn’t do much for me. It’s basically the salt of L-Arginine. Arginine is what is created out of L-Citrulline which improves Nitric Oxide production.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – Jack-of-all trades ingredient. Improves pretty much everything – muscle hydration, energy levels, cognition, power output and many other aspects of performance. Unfortunately, Creatine needs to be taken daily to get maximal effects and it’s unlikely you’ll be taking Jack3D 2020 Formula every day.
  • Beta Alanine – Endurance and tingle ingredient. Will help you bang out additional reps at the tail end of the workout and will create the itchy tingly feeling to start the workout.
  • Caffeine (405mg) – Classic stimulant. Will give you a kick worth about 3 cups of strong black coffee. Caffeine will provide a decent amount of stimulation to get things going.
  • 2-Aminoisoheptane HCl (DMHA) – Powerful stimulant, illegal in some countries. Will provide a strong boost in mood elevation, stimulation, and energy.
  • Geranium Extract (DMAA) – Another powerful stimulant, illegal in some countries. Considered the more powerful cousin of DMHA, will provide intense focus, stimulation and energy.
  • Yohimbe Extract – Jack-of-all-trades ingredient. Mostly used as a fat burner and stimulant. Will provide some stimulation, some fat burning properties, some increased blood flow.
  • Schisandra Chinensis Extract – Mood elevation ingredient. Will mostly make you happier and slightly improve energy levels.

Overall, USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula hasn’t got the most variety in its ingredients. It’s a classic stimulant-based preworkout without any fancy ingredients. If one were to go purely off the label, the pumps will be lacking. It’s also missing a digestion aid that would improve the uptake of all the ingredients listed above.

My Experience

During my USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula I found exactly what I was expecting to get – extreme stimulation, focus, and energy but not much else. It’s the perfect stim-junkie preworkout for those who are looking for the original “pre” experience. There’s no doubt in what you will be getting on 3 scoops and it will be always consistent.

Unfortunately, the extreme stimulation comes with numerous side effects. One is the taste – it’s not good and it lingers for a long time. Add that to the greatly increased thirst and you’ll be on your way to feeling a little sick soon. However, the side effects didn’t end there for me. I had jitters, a little bit of sweats, and overall “I’m not well feeling”.

Three scoops might have been too much for me, so I tried two. Two were a good preworkout but then it didn’t stand out in any regard. Sure, it was powerful and stimulatory but since there is no other ingredients that might boost mood or pumps, USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula didn’t feel like anything special.

Would I recommend it? Only to to two types of people – those who want to relive “the good old days of pre” and those looking for extremely stimulatory experiences.

USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula Review Summary

  • Price – 3/10. Doesn’t seem like you’ll be getting a lot of value for money at 3 scoops as it’s only 15 servings then. Without a discount it’s a little expensive.
  • Stimulation – 10/10. Extremely strong stimulation as one might expect from USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula.
  • Energy – 9/10. Another area where the boost is extreme on Jack3D.
  • Focus – 7/10. Fair improvement in focus but not that much of a standout feature.
  • Pumps – 2/10. Extremely lacking, didn’t feel like USP Labs Jack3D 2020 Formula did anything for pumps.

Overall, Jack3D is for the select few looking for extreme experiences with preworkouts. Might be worth a shot if you liked the old Jack3D.

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