Static Labz Shock Wave Preworkout Review

Quick rundown

  • For euphoria preworkout lovers!
  • DMHA preworkout
  • Extreme mood elevation
  • Strong stimulation
  • Great energy
  • Decent pumps


Shock Wave by Static Labz is the cousin of the coveted 1’3 Volt. Static Labz have done themselves a service and released a different preworkout for a different audience. During my Static Labz Shock Wave review I found more tailored to those who want less extreme stimulation and more enjoyment out of their workouts.

1’3 Volt was a banger preworkout so I was truly excited to try to review Static Labz’s Shock Wave. I must say I wasn’t disappointed! It’s a great preworkout that is worth the money. Can’t wait for more pre’s from Static Labz.


Static Labz Shockwave Label Review
  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 (6500mg) – Classic pump ingredient. Second best version of Citrulline (only worse than pure L-Citrulline). Will give you slightly over 4 grams of pure L-Citrulline that will greatly enhance pumps and endurance.
  • Agmatine Sulfate (1000mg) – Another pump ingredient. Basically, it reduces the breakdown of certain chemicals in the body that impact nitric oxide which allows for the pump effect to last longer and better. Also works as a slight anti-pain and antiinflammatory ingredient.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg) – Classic stimulant. Will give you a kick worth about 3 cups of black coffee. Will get you moving and going.
  • DMHA (200mg) – Powerful illicit stimulant. 200mg is the top end of most preworkouts, usually included only in extremely powerful pre’s or special editions. Will provide insane boosts of energy, stimulation, and mood elevation.
  • Eria Jarensis (200mg) – Multi-faceted stimulant. Provides strong boosts in energy combined with mood elevation, combining incredibly well with almost all other stimulants.
  • Octopamine (200mg) – Stimulant ingredient. Derivative of Synephrine that’s a strong fat burner and stimulant. Will improve mood, energy and provide a lot of stimulation.
  • Hordenine (200mg) – Mood elevation and stimulation ingredient. Inhibits the breakdown of serotonin, dopamine, and phenethylamine which means more stimulation, mood elevation, and energy!
  • Higenamine (75mg) – Fat burner ingredient. Boosts fat metabolism and might provide a surge of adrenaline.
  • Huperzine A (300mcg) – Nootropic ingredient. Dubbed the learning ingredient, Huperzine A has many uses. Primarily, it improves acetylcholine production by inhibiting enzymes that break it down. Acetylcholine is responsible for many aspects of mental performance, thus Huperzine A will greatly improve focus, cognition, and memory capabilities. It also has a possibility of inhibiting somatostatin production and increasing human growth hormone production. 300mcg is about 50% than the usual versions.

Overall, it’s clearly a mood elevation and stimulation focused label. Most notably – there’s no Beta Alanine! There’s a bit of added pumps but nothing crazy. I would personally add some theobromine to the label for more mood elevation and a digestion aid to make the ingredients kick in harder. Therefore, I found during my Static Labz Shock Wave review that it was slightly lacking in its label. But what about the effect?

My Experience

During my Shock Wave review I found it to be a bit inconsistent. It always kicks hard but sometimes the power becomes overwhelming. I would recommend shaking up the tub and weighing out the scoops to maintain a consistent and normal curve of effects.

Effect-wise it’s a closer cousin to Dark Energy than 1’3 Volt. There’s extreme mood elevation and strong stimulation. A simple summary for my Static Labz Shockwave review would be – high as a kite. Unlike the extreme stim-junkie preworkouts, this won’t give you the “cracked out high” feeling. There’s no aggression to the stimulation, making it more of a “happy high” feeling.

Other effects range from great (energy, focus) to decent (pumps). There’s definitely noticeable improvements in all my reviewed areas but the mood elevation and stimulation are the most standout features to me.

Static Labz’s Shock Wave side effect profile is somewhat forgiving. There’s no cold sweats, shakes, jitters or anything of the most annoying side effects. There’s definitely increased thirst and some appetite suppression so I recommend preparing some extra water for the workout. I haven’t ever felt “sick” on Shock Wave but I’ve heard that some users did feel somewhat uncomfortable at times. So I would recommend starting out at a lower dose with Static Labz Shock Wave.

Static Labz Shock Wave Review Summary

  • Price – 6/10. It’s slightly more than the average preworkout on the market if we don’t count any possible sales.
  • Stimulation – 9/10. Great stimulation with impressive mood elevation.
  • Energy – 8.5/10. Strong boost in energy that is very noticeable.
  • Focus – 8/10. Another standout feature of Static Labz Shock Wave is the great improvement in focus.
  • Pumps – 6.5/10. Pumps are there and they are boosted, yet it’s definitely the weakest part of Shock Wave.

Overall, Static Labz Shock Wave is an extremely well-rounded preworkout. I would dedicate it to those looking for mood elevation and productive workouts. Static Labz Shock Wave does that job tremendously well and the price tag isn’t too “out there”.

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