Static Labz Electro Preworkout Review

Quick rundown

  • For medium-strength stim lovers!
  • Research compound! Not for human consumption.
  • High DMAA content
  • Strong stimulation
  • Strong energy
  • Decent focus
  • Okay pumps


Static Labz Electro Review


Static Labz AA Electro preworkout is the newest addition to the extreme DMAA pre’s. Static Labz Volt and Shockwave have been absolute beasts in their own regard. When I got Static Labz Electro to review, I was excited. Both Volt and Shock Wave were incredibly powerful and enjoyable. I was expecting the same from Electro.

Unfortunately, for me the Static Labz Electro review didn’t really live up to my expectation. It’s a nice preworkout that has a simple, not-too-fancy label and is decently powerful. However, that’s really not up to the level I expect from Static Labz. Let’s continue to the Static Labz AA Electro review to see what my experience got to be.


Static Labz Electro Label Review
Static Labz Electro Label Review

Note that there are some Static Labz Electro labels floating around that state 3.2g of L-Theanine. That seems to be a mistake as the actual label states the content is 200mg.

  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 (6800mg) – Pump ingredient. L-Citrulline is proven to increase Nitric Oxide production and create vasodilation. Malate is a mix with Malic Acid which might have some slight performance benefits. Dosing is good as you will be getting about 4.5g of L-Citrulline. Maximum dosage of L-Citrulline can go up to 10g but it is still very effective at around 5g.
  • Beta Alanine (3200mg) – Classic endurance and itchy tingly ingredient. Clinically dosed, provides muscular endurance allowing you to bang out more reps. Additionally, Beta Alanine provides that unique itchy tingly feeling that kick-starts the preworkout.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg) – Classic stimulant. Everyone knows caffeine – it will bring you energy, stimulation, and focus. 300mg will net you around two and a half to three cups of strong black coffee.
  • L-Theanine (200mg) – Nootropic. Smooths out the feeling of stimulants, reduces jitters, increases focus. Does have a slight calming effect which will be more noticeable as 200mg is a lot.
  • Di-Caffeine Malate (150mg) – Stimulant. Di-Caffeine Malate is (usually) a 75% Caffeine, 25% Malic Acid mix. Malic Acid slows down the absorption which means that the Caffeine will kick in a little bit later than the anhydrous version.
  • 1’3 DMAA (75mg) – Powerful stimulant. Illegal in most countries, brings in immense energy, stimulation, mood elevation, and focus. Few preworkouts go above 100mg, so you’re getting a good dose.
  • 1’4 DMAA (75mg) – Powerful stimulant. Seems to be a slightly isomer of 1’3 DMAA. There are only detection studies currently but theoretically the effects should have almost no difference. Might have been developed to avoid legal risks.
  • Noopept (30mg) – Nootropic ingredient. Basically, a much stronger version of Piracetam which is used for focus and mood elevation.
  • Black Pepper Extract (5mg) – Digestion aid that will improve the uptake of all the ingredients above.

Overall, Static Labz Electro label is very simple. There is only one standout feature that is the DMAA total content (150mg) that goes above almost all other preworkouts. 1’4 DMAA might seem interesting on paper but close isomers generally have no significant differences in their effects, so I wouldn’t expect too much out of it.

My Experience

Static Labz AA Electro review – strong daily driver. I found that to be surprising. Maybe the DMAA is of lower quality than usual. Maybe 1’4 DMAA is actually a weaker version of DMAA. But it definitely didn’t seem like a stim-junkie preworkout as the label would seem to state.

There’s definitely a noticeable surge of energy and stimulation around 20 minutes in as DMAA has a low digestion time. I doubt it would be only Caffeine from the effects but I also doubt that it’s 150mg DMAA. You will be getting some all around improvements, outside of mood elevation. Mood elevation is actually pretty good.

Luckily, there’s absolutely no side effects with it. No appetite suppression, no jitters, no cold sweats, no crash. Nice and clean.

Overall, it’s an okay preworkout that could be a good daily driver. However, is it worth taking exotic stimulants with possibly unknown effects to get a “decent daily driver” experience? I would think not. Therefore, I would say avoid Static Labz Electro and get something like Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme.

Static Labz AA Electro Preworkout Review Summary

  • Price – 6/10. Although there’s only 25 servings, AA Electro comes at a decent price, hovering somewhere just above US$2 a scoop.
  • Stimulation – 7/10. It’s nice and noticeable.
  • Energy – 6.5/10. Nice and noticeable as well.
  • Focus – 6/10. There’s an improvement but not much.
  • Pumps – 4/10. Meh, there’s not a lot of pumps in this.

It’s definitely not a stim-junkie preworkout. Static Labz Electro would feel like a medium-strength mood-elevation-based preworkout. Unfortunately, you can’t really use Static Labz Electro as a daily driver as DMAA has a very long half-life and creates tolerance quickly which might lead to dangerous circumstances. Overall, it’s nice to take a shot at it, if you want to try something new, maybe you’ll get something from Static Labz Electro.


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