Killer Labz Executioner Review

Quick rundown

  • Aggressive preworkout for intermediate users who want productive gym sessions!
  • Very strong stimulation
  • Aggressive and powerful surge of energy
  • Great focus
  • Decent pumps
  • Almost no mood elevation

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Killer Labz Executioner Review


Killer Labz are one of those supplement companies that have flown under many a reviewer’s radar. They seem to invest less into marketing and more into product development. I was actually surprised to see how many products they have out with some already being on version 2. When I came across Killer Labz Executioner for this review, I actually thought it was a completely new company.

I will be doing more Killer Labz preworkout reviews in the future. For now, I did a Killer Labz Executioner review for two reasons. First, it was cheap. Second, it had a short, good, and sweet label. Guys at the company seem to know what they are doing.


Killer Labz Executioner Review Label
Killer Labz Executioner Review Label
  • Beta-Alanine (2500mg) – Classic endurance and itchy tingly ingredient. When dosed often for muscle saturation, Beta-Alanine improves overall endurance and performance. However, it’s better known as the itchy-tingly ingredient that kicks of a preworkout. Slightly underdosed with 3.2g being the clinical dose.
  • Betaine Anhydrous (2000mg) – A jack-of-all-trades ingredient. Improves muscular endurance, performance, power output, pumps, all of that. However, slightly underdosed again with 2.5g being optimal.
  • Taurine (1000mg) – Energy and hydration ingredient. Powerful antioxidant that also helps with pushing water into organs and maintaining hydration. Additionally, Taurine may improve various measures of athletic performance. However, while 1g is a good starting dose, most studies go above that, ranging from 1.5g to 3g.
  • Choline Bitartrate (500mg) – Focus ingredient. I’d love to see Alpha GPC here instead of Choline Bitartrate as it’s just more effective. However, 500mg is a good dose of Choline Bitartrate that should improve focus, the mind-muscle connection, and cognition.
  • S7™ (50mg) – Trademarked pump ingredient. Supposedly, can increase Nitric Oxide production several times over, making it much more effective than L-Citrulline. I can’t vouch if it is that effective but it does seem to help with pumps. Preworkouts add various amounts but 50mg is a good starting dose with 100mg being the maximum.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg) – Classic stimulant. Will give you stimulation, energy, and focus worth about 3-4 cups of strong black coffee.
  • Eria Jarensis Extract (250mg) – Novel stimulant and mood elevation ingredient. It’s more of a stimulant effectiveness booster that brings in some serious mood elevation. May also improve focus. Dosed well, I have only seen Eria going up to 300mg.
  • Infinergy™ (DiCaffeine Malate) (100mg) – A different form of Caffeine. DiCaffeine Malate is a slower absorbing version of Caffeine that is often used as an anti-crash matrix. Such a dose should smooth out the final moments of the preworkout “high”.
  • N-methyltyramine (50mg) – A jack-of-all trades ingredient that also works as a decent stimulant. Will improve basically everything – focus, energy, stimulation, pumps. Decent dose, some product go up to 75mg, though.
  • N-Isopropylnorsynephrine (30mg) – Stimulant and fat burner. According to studies[1], a slightly stronger version of regular Synephrine. Will provide some stimulation, energy, and focus with an added benefit of fat burning.
  • Huperzia Serrata Extract (10mg, std to 1% Huperzine-A) – Nootropic ingredient. Huperzine is responsible, partly, for learning and memory formation. Improves focus. However, slightly underdosed, I would love to see 200mcg of Huperzine-A.

Overall, to sum up my Killer Labz Executioner review of the label, I think there’s room for improvement even at the same formula. While I would love to see things like digestion aids and powerful pump ingredients like VASO6, there are lots of ingredients slightly underdosed. However, I assume these may have been done due to pricing purposes. As we will see later, it’s very cheap for the effects you’re getting.

My Experience

I was actually expecting to be slightly disappointed during my Killer Labz Executioner review as the label seemed a little lacking. However, Killer Labz Executioner surprised me.

About 20 minutes in, an aggressive, powerful surge of energy kicked in. It was very productive but definitely not a fun or “high” type of energy and stimulation. Executioner is there to help you tear the weights apart and bang out reps like there’s no tomorrow. It brings a serious kick for serious workouts. I just wanted to keep adding more reps and sets just to get the energy out.

There was a good boost of focus as well. I find myself able to zone in to the weights and start setting PRs (although I didn’t actually set any PRs, I felt like I could). Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to judge the pumps due to all the other effects overpowering any enhancement in pumps. However, while you will be getting good pumps, Killer Labz Executioner doesn’t really shine in that regard. No surprise, there’s basically no pump ingredients in it.

For mood elevation – I would say there’s some waves where you feel happy. Yet, these will quickly pass and move on to the “destroy the weights” mood. At those moments, you might even feel aggressive instead of happy.

Luckily, the side effect profile is very forgiving. I didn’t get increased thirst, appetite suppression, “sick” highness or overstimulation. However, I must say I did get an increased heart rate. While it wasn’t concerning, there was a bump of about 10-15 bpm.

Killer Labz Executioner Review Summary

  • Price – 9/10. There’s 30 servings in the tub for $40 without absolutely any sales or coupon codes. With my discount code, you’ll be dropping that to $34 which is pretty close to a $1 per serving. Insane value!
  • Energy – 10/10. Loved how the energy felt – powerful, aggressive, and productive. It lasted for a decent amount of time as well.
  • Stimulation – 9/10. Good, powerful stimulation that will give you that feeling of urgency.
  • Focus – 7.5/10. There’s a decent boost in focus that helps you get everything going.
  • Pumps – 4.5/10. There’s improvement but it’s likely carried by all the other effects.

Overall, to sum up my Killer Labz Executioner review, I can recommend it for intermediate preworkout users that want to test the “stim-junkie” waters. Executioner lands somewhere between very strong daily drivers and starter stim-junkie preworkouts. However, unlike most stim-junkie preworkouts, it still creates very productive workouts.

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