God Status Labz Zeus Preworkout Review

Quick rundown

  • High stimulation
  • Extreme focus
  • Insane pumps
  • Advanced users only

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God Status Labz Zeus Preworkout Review


Simply put, after all my reviews God Status Labz Zeus beats out nearly every other preworkout on the market. There are two preworkouts that can match it in stregnth – Imperial Nutrition Excelsior and Skull Labz Angel Dust. Unfortunately, these two are hard to get and they actually just barely match God Status Labz Zeus in their strength.

Everything is insane for this workout – extreme stimulation, focus, pumps. Users beware as this will send you sky high. Are you read for the full God Status Labz review and effect?


God Status Labz Zeus Preworkout Review Label
God Status Labz Zeus Preworkout Review Label
  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 – A classic pump ingredient. It’s the 2nd best form of Citrulline available (the best being pure L-Citrulline and the worst being Citrulline Malate 1:1). You’ll be getting about 4g of pure L-Citrulline. Close to my preferred dose of 5g but it can go up to 10g!
  • Beta Alanine – 3.2g. A high amount of beta alanine, will give you some endurance and tingles. If you love the tingles, God Status Labz Zeus is the choice for you with its extremely high level of beta alanine.
  • L-Taurine – 2g. Very good dosing, will greatly help with hydration and reduce the negative side effects of stimulants. Additionally, taurine has an antioxidant effect. It might also add some energy. All around great ingredient.
  • DMAE – 750mg, strong nootropic. Wow! Insane amount of DMAE that will provide mood elevation, focus, and the “in the zone feel”. Very few preworkouts have this much DMAE in them.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 400mg of the classic ingredient. Will provide a decent boost of energy but nothing to write home about.
  • Beta PEA – 350mg of another nootropic. Some labels get up to 500mg but 350mg will still provide a decent mood boost.
  • Eria Jarensis – 250mg driver of stimulants. Very good amount of Eria Jarensis, will provide some stimulation by itself but its generally used to boost other ingredients.
  • DMHA – 200mg. As high of DMHA as it will ever get. God Status Labz Zeus is for those with no fear. Extremely strong stimulant, beaten out only by DMAA. 200mg will get you off the ground quick.
  • Hordenine HCL – 50mg, a normal dose of a fat burning ingredient. Will help with some fat metabolism and focus.
  • GABA – 50mg, normally found in sleep aids. Newer preworkouts use GABA to, likely, smooth out the jitters from stimulation. God Status Labz Zeus is one of those preworkouts.
  • Vitamin B6 – 50mg, a general health ingredient.

My Experience

What an insane preworkout. During my review process of God Status Labz Zeus, I’ve tried it several times. Each time, the effect was consistent as hell. Starts kicking about 15 minutes as DMHA is absorbed quickly. Caffeine gets you moving after 30-45 minutes. At about 1 hour in, the highness and mood elevation kicks in. Will make you feel happy, motivated, and stimulated.

Surprisingly, God Status Labz Zeus preworkout has fairly few side effects. It will raise your heart rate a bit (like all preworkouts) and make you extremely thirsty but that’s about it. There’s no sickness, jitters, or scatterbrained feeling. Even the crash is barely noticeable.

In short, God Status Labz Zeus is an insanely well formulated preworkout. It can be the next big hit for those looking for high stimulation, mood elevation, and insane workouts.

God Status Labz Zeus Preworkout Review Summary

  • Price – 7/10. Quite cheap for its 28 servings.
  • Stimulation – 9/10. It’s very strong with stimulation and mood boosting, but there are a few preworkouts that can beat it in this regard (e.g. Excelsior).
  • Energy – 10/10. Insane energy boost that will get you moving nearly instantly.
  • Focus – 10/10. Will provide that “tunnel vision” and narrowed down feel.
  • Pumps – 9/10. For fairly few pump ingredients, the effect is absolutely bonkers. Very good pumps.

Overall, this is a 10/10 preworkout. Very few drawbacks, insanely strong effects, and it’s quite cheap. God Status Labz really knocked it out of the park with Zeus. One of my all-time favorite preworkouts for training and gains. Highly recommended for anyone who love high stimulation, want mood elevation and great workouts.

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