Dungeon Labz Necromancer Preworkout Review

Quick rundown

  • For strong daily driver lovers!
  • Supposedly the highest content of DMAA (130mg).
  • Strong stimulation.
  • Good energy.
  • Nice focus.
  • Lackluster pumps.
Dungeon Labz Necromancer Review


Preworkouts nowadays try to hit the hardest stimulation with a wide variety of ingredients. Dungeon Labz Necromancer doesn’t go that route, rather trying to focus on one particular ingredient – DMAA. The label states 130mg DMAA on each scoop which would make it the preworkout with the highest DMAA content on the market. However, I sincerely doubt that there is 130mg DMAA in Dungeon Labz Necromancer. Reviewing the compound, I found myself doubting the amount included.

While it could be due to a wide variety of factors, the Dungeon Labz Necromancer preworkout wasn’t a disappointment. It’s a good, strong preworkout that leads to productive sessions that (probably?) overplays its label. But let’s continue onwards to the Dungeon Labz Necromancer label review!


Dungeon Labz Necromancer Preworkout Label Review
Dungeon Labz Necromancer Preworkout Label Review
  • Beta Alanine (3200mg) – Classic endurance and itchy tingly ingredient. Will let you bang out more reps per workout and give that initial itchy kick of a preworkout. Unfortunately, I seem to be immune to the itching effect of Beta Alanine.
  • Glycerol (1000mg) – Hydration and pump ingredient. Glycerol draws in water into cells, expanding and allowing for better pumps. However, it’s a little on the low end of the clinical dose. A gram or two would enhance pumps even better.
  • Agmatine (1000mg) – Pump ingredient and slight analgesic. Will increase Nitric Oxide production, improving overall pumps. Might slightly reduce the experience of pain.
  • Eria Jarensis (275mg) – Driver of stimulants. Eria improves the effectiveness of other stimulants and works as a central nervous system stimulant by itself.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg) – Classic stimulant. A little on the low end for a preworkout, it’s about 1.5-2 cups of strong black coffee.
  • DMAA (130mg) – Strong stimulant. Illegal in some countries as DMAA provides extremely strong stimulation and boosts in energy.
  • Dendrobium (25mg) – Mood elevation ingredient and stimulant. Rarely used, should provide an additional kick of energy and stimulation.
  • Alpha Yohimbe (1mg) – All-around ingredient. Mostly used for fat burning properties, but will also provide some extra energy and stimulation.

As I’ve noted previously in my review of Dungeon Labz Necromancer, the primary focus is clearly DMAA. Most other ingredients do not stand out as much, maybe outside of Dendrobium. There’s a clear lack of focus and pump ingredients. You’ll be getting this if you want stimulation and not much else. It could still do with a digestion aid, though.

My Experience

My review of Dungeon Labz Necromancer was a little disappointing. I was expecting a quick surge of insane energy. I did get a surge of energy and stimulation but it was nothing too extreme. If you didn’t know there was 130mg DMAA, you would never think that much of it is there. I do believe there is some DMAA in Dungeon Labz Necromancer but it’s either underdosed or of lower quality. There’s also a possibility I got a bad batch.

Everything on this preworkout feels “decent” to “good”. It’s by no means a bad preworkout, especially for the price. But it’s nothing to write home about. Surprisingly, I would put it at a strong daily driver. It seems to be tailored towards intermediate lifters who want to get a strong kick in the butt and get the weights going. Definitely not as powerful strength-wise to legends like Dark Labs Crack.

Dungeon Labz Necromancer Review Summary

  • Price – 8/10. It’s a great price for a decent amount of servings even without any sales.
  • Stimulation – 7.5/10. It’s good, but nothing crazy.
  • Energy – 7/10. Above the fold, good.
  • Focus – 6.5/10. There’s an increase which is probably carried by DMAA.
  • Pumps – 4/10. Eh, there’s probably something.

Overall, it seems to be a strong daily driver even if the label states an inordinate amount of DMAA. There doesn’t seem to be nearly as much or nearly as strong DMAA in the preworkout. Honestly? That’s probably a good thing!

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