Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Preworkout Review

Quick rundown

  • Probably the strongest mood elevation
  • Absolutely euphoric
  • Insane stimulation
  • Insane, long-lasting energy
  • For research purposes only
Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Review


Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy has become a legend among preworkouts formulas. It’s one of the strongest pre’s of all time, boasting an insane boost to mood elevation, stimulation, and energy. It takes a bit to kick in but once it does, you will be flying. A true contender to Imperial Nutrition Excelsior for the most obscene preworkout. My Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy review has been the most bonkers experience ever.

A truly standout feature of the preworkout is the happiness and mood elevation. So if you’re looking for something that has that illicit, almost too powerful feeling, Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy is the right thing for your research rat. Remember – Dark Energy is for research purposes only! Do not actually take this preworkout.


Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Label Review
Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Label Review
  • Citrulline Malate (2:1, 6000mg) – A classic pump ingredient in its second best form (pure L-Citrulline being the best). You’re getting 4g worth of L-Citrulline. It’s going to improve pumps by some measure by enhancing NO2 production. Yet, the most optimal levels of L-Citrulline would be up to 10g meaning you’re probably missing out a bit on pumps.
  • Beta Alanine (3200mg) – Muscular endurance and the itchy-tingly feeling ingredient. Clinical dose, will greatly help you with long workouts, aiding in pumping out those reps by reducing lactic acid build up. Will also grant the classic Beta Alanine tingly itchy feeling.
  • L-Taurine (2000mg) – Anti-oxidant, anti-fatigue, and hydration supplement. Perfectly dosed, will provide a small boost in energy, reduce fatigue from sets, and improve muscle hydration (in turn, pumps as well). Works as an anti-oxidant if taken regularly but Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy should not be the source.
  • DMAE (750mg) – Cognition and nootropic ingredient. Will enhance focus and cognition. Dosed very well.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg) – Classic stimulant. 400mg is worth about 3-4 cups of black coffee meaning it will give you a good kick in the butt to start moving the weights.
  • DMHA (200mg) – Powerful stimulant. Will provide extreme stimulation, energy, focus, and many other things. 200mg is the top range of almost all preworkouts. Considered to be a slightly weaker version of DMAA, it’s still incredibly powerful.
  • DMAA (60mg) – An even more powerful stimulant. Provides most of the same as DMHA but with more kick per milligram. Hardcore preworkouts only go up to 100mg.
  • GABA (50mg) – Relaxant and mood elevation ingredient. Will slightly reduce the overstimulation from stimulants and smooth out the experience.

Overall, it’s a very short and simple label. Mostly composed of extremely strong stimulants and nootropic ingredients, so don’t expect extreme pumps. I would love if they added a few digestion ingredients but it’s not intended for human consumption, so these might not be necessary.

My Experience

During my Dark Energy preworkout review one thing stood out above all else – mood elevation. There’s an extremely powerful effect on mood. You can be down in the dumps but Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy will get you out of it. I would say it’s closer to euphoria than mood elevation.

Stimulation and energy are out of this world as well. However, they are surprisingly smooth. It’s probably the GABA smoothing out the process, allowing for a controlled release of stimulation and energy. Focus is on a similar level with Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy – a very good “narrowed down” feel although a little less pronounced than the mood, stimulation and energy improvements.

Pumps are nothing to write home about. They’re nice and there’s definitely some improvement over not taking a preworkout at all but nothing as spectacular as all the other effects.

Side effect wise, the only real side effect is greatly increased thirst. As per usual I went through well over 1,5L of water during my training. Be prepared and have enough to keep yourself hydrated. Other than that, there’s no jitters or cracked out feeling really. There’s a small crash but it feels almost like the tiredness you get after a long day of some good work.

Overall, one of the most fun experiences I’ve had with a preworkout.

Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Preworkout Review Summary

  1. Price – 7/10. Pretty good price for such value.
  2. Stimulation – 10/10. Stronger than God Status Labz Zeus! You will be experiencing stimulation all round with an incredibly mood boost.
  3. Energy – 9.5/10. Very strong boost of energy from Dark Energy.
  4. Focus – 8.5/10. Very strong boost in focus. Could be made even better with more nootropic ingredients.
  5. Pumps – 6/10. They’re okay, nothing too impressive.

Overall, it’s an incredibly research product. It’s hard to put the experience into words correctly but weight-euphoria is as close as it gets.

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