Centurion Labz God of War Review

Quick rundown

  • Beginner-friendly daily driver!
  • Decent background stimulation
  • Decent energy
  • Okay mood elevation
  • No pumps

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Centurion Labz God of War Review


As some of my readers have noticed, I’m a bit of a fan of Centurion Labz products. Most of them are exactly what it says on the tin – God of War is very fiery, Rage XXX is very extreme, etc.

Therefore, it should have been no surprise that I’ll eventually get around to do a Centurion Labz God of War review. Out of all their products, from what I gathered, it’s the lowest rated one. Garage Gym Homie wasn’t a fan at all. In fact, in his Centurion Labz God of War review he mentioned that he started giving the product away. And even then, he didn’t feel great giving away a weak preworkout.

While I have a slightly different opinion, I do see where he’s coming from. Stim-junkies and powerful preworkout lovers will be yawning through their workouts with God of War. It really doesn’t sell the “high stimulant pre-workout” statement all that well.


Centurion Labz God of War Review Label
Centurion Labz God of War Review Label

  • Beta Alanine (4000mg) – Workout booster and endurance ingredient. Well-known for the itchy tingly sensation it causes right after consuming the preworkout. However, if you were to dose it daily, it would eventually increase your work capacity.
  • Agmatine Sulfate (1000mg) – Pump ingredient and slight analgesic. Agmatine produces Nitric Oxide directly which improves vasodilation. However, its effects don’t end here – it is an NMDA receptor antagonist. To cut a long story short, over time, it might potentiate the effects of stimulants and other compounds.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (450mg) – Classic stimulant. Dosed higher than most other pre-workouts on the market. Caffeine will be the primary driver of the energy and stimulation. Should give you about 4-5 cups worth of black coffee of a kick.
  • Beta Phenylethylamine HCL (300mg) – Slight stimulant and mood elevation ingredient. Will give you some energy and provide a nice boost in happiness.
  • L-Theanine (150mg) – Focus ingredient. Often used in combination with Caffeine to smooth out the jitters from stimulants. However, L-Theanine is really hit or miss – some people are very sensitive to it and that blunts the entire preworkout experience. Personally, I’m not that sensitive to L-Theanine so it gives a nice smooth mellow feel to the preworkout.
  • Choline Bitartrate (100mg) – Focus ingredient. Can provide some mental sharpness and overall alertness, however, the dose is so low I can’t see Choline doing anything at such an amount.
  • Hordenine HCL (75mg) – Stimulant. Should give you a sudden and noticeable surge of energy. However, it’s generally short-lived. Dosed well!
Overall, it’s one of the simplest labels I’ve done on my blog. If not for the high caffeine content and some less popular inclusions, you might think the review I was doing was not on Centurion Labz God of War but on Cellucor C4.

My Experience

I think my experience should be taken with some grain of salt as I’m quite used to products like Dark Labs Crack and other stim-junkie pre-workouts. So, when I say that the experience is not that intense, that might be due to my receptors being overworked.

However, I still enjoyed my Centurion Labz God of War review. It might even make it into my regular pre-workout list, if for a very simple reason. For me, it’s a low-strength daily driver. I greatly enjoy combining these with a strong pump product for an overall relaxing experience (stim-wise).

In essence, there’s really not much to write home about both positively and negatively. Centurion Labz God of War is really what I would call a “background” pre-workout. If you take it, you will definitely notice something. However, it won’t blow your brains out. In fact, while you can’t mistake that God of War is doing its thing, the effects will never overpower your regular functioning and deliver any scares.

There’s also no negative side effects at all. Unsurprising, as it’s such a mellow pre-workout. For me that’s a huge benefit as I absolutely hate crashes as they will often take away some additional hours after the gym.

All in all, I would say it’s a half-decent daily driver for intermediate users and an overall solid product for late-beginners.

Centurion Labz God of War Review Summary

  • Price – 7/10. Great value, the tubs come in 30 servings. With a decent sale or discount code you can almost hit the $1 per scoop zone.
  • Stimulation – 5/10. It does work, however, it won’t ever be distracting.
  • Focus – 2/10. Focus isn’t anything to write home about.
  • Energy – 5/10. Gives enough energy to power through the workout without overstaying its welcome.
  • Pumps – 0/10. Didn’t feel anything for pumps.
  • Mood elevation – 1/10. There might have been something, however, I’m not sure.

Overall, the scores might not be as high as with other preworkouts. However, I always rate these in absolute strength, therefore lower-scored preworkouts are often more suitable for those with less experience. In short, I can recommend God of War for late-beginners or intermediates looking for something simple, sweet, and not overpowering.

USA ONLY: Use code EXPERIMENT to get 15% off any order!

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