Black Magic Supply BZRK Preworkout Review [2021 Version]

Quick rundown

  • For those looking for a good daily driver preworkout.
  • Good stimulation.
  • Great, albeit a little short-lasting, energy.
  • Good focus.
  • Some mood elevation.
  • Amazing pumps.

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Black Magic Supply BZRK Review


I am always on the lookout for preworkouts that have been reviewed or seen by relatively few people. When I noticed Black Magic Supply’s BZRK preworkout, review time had come. I haven’t seen them being popularized by any other supplier other than SuppKingz. Checked a few channels and there were a few old-formula reviews.

I am reviewing the second version of the tub. Most older reviews were on a different formula. One that included the much-hyped DMHA. There is no DMHA in the current formula of Black Magic Supply BZRK. This review is based on the current formula.


Black Magic Supply BZRK Review Label
Black Magic Supply BZRK Review Label
  • Citrulline Malate (2:1) (7000mg) – Pump ingredient. The second best form of Citrulline that improves Nitric Oxide production. You’re getting about 4.5g of Citrulline and 2.5g of Malic Acid. Malic Acid does have its benefits, however, they are not as pronounced. Dosed decently well, pretty much what you see in most preworkouts. Note that Citrulline can go up to 10g to maximize effectiveness.
  • BetaO™ (Beta-Alanine, Orotic Acid) (3200mg) – Classic booster ingredient. Improves overall performance and endurance in the gym if taken for about a month straight. However, Beta-Alanine is better known for the itchy tingly sensation it causes then taken. Additionally, they Black Magic Supply BZRK has it complexed with Orotic Acid for better bioavailability.
  • Glycerpump™ (2500mg) – Hydration and pump ingredient. A trademarked version of Glycerol powder that is used to draw water into the muscles. It also cause some annoying clumping, although there’s less of it with Glycerpump. Dosed-well, will improve pumps.
  • Betaine Anhydrous (2500mg) – Endurance and anti-fatigue ingredient. Lets you get more out of each workout, increasing gains the down road. Dosed well.
  • Tyrosine – Nootropic ingredient. Should improve focus, cognition, and the mind-muscle connection.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Stimulant. Due to the prop blend it’s impossible to say how much of a kick you will get from it but should be one of the primary drivers of the preworkout.
  • N-Isopropylsynephrine – Another stimulant. Should provide some stimulation, energy, and a boost in focus without many side effects.
  • Kola Nut Extract 4:1 – Rare stimulant and mood booster. Apparently, it’s a food flavoring and an FDA-approved anti-fatigue ingredient. Supposed to be used in the short term to boost energy levels.
  • N-Methyl Tyramine – Jack-of-all-trades ingredient. Mostly included for stimulation purposes
  • Higenamine HCl – Stimulant and fat burner. Will improve lipid metabolism, boost energy levels, and provide some stimulation.
  • Neurofactor™ (Coffee Arabica [fruit] Extract) – Nootropic. A trademarked extract that is supposed to be rich in Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which should boost cognition and aid in creating neural links betwen neurons.
  • Huperzine A 1% – Nootropic. Huperzine has been dubbed the learning ingredient as it supposed to improve memory.

Overall, as we can see from my Black Magic Supply BZRK review of the label, the product is heavily focused on two things – focus and pumps. I’m a little suspicious of the stimulants all being in the prop blend. There’s quite a few of them, however, they’ll probably be underdosed. Additionally, BZRK could do with a digestion aid at the end.

My Experience

When I began my Black Magic Supply BZRK review, I thought this is going to be a run-of-the-mill medium-stim preworkouts. I wasn’t entirely wrong, however, BZRK does have a standout feature – pumps.

Honestly, the pumps are amazing for a stimulant-based preworkout. Black Magic Supply BZRK rivals and even beats some no-stim pump-based formulations I’ve used. Very powerful, skin-splitting pumps are to be expected!

Stimulant wise BZRK lands somewhere in the mid-range of daily driverish. Previous labels had DMHA and, apparently, it was amazing as a high-stim preworkout. Unfortunately, it’s not longer that. Now, BZRK is definitely tailored towards the slightly experienced, regular preworkout users.

Additionally, focus was fairly decent as well. No wonder, there’s a ton of nootropic ingredients. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much of what is in this preworkout, therefore it’s always a bit harder to rate.

Finally, the side-effect profile was very forgiving. There’s no illicit stimulants like DMAA or DMHA in the current BZRK version which, of course, takes away most, if not all, side-effects. You’re in the clear with this one if you’re worried about side-effects.

Black Magic Supply BZRK Preworkout Review Summary

  • Price – 5/10. There’s 25 servings and without a discount code or sale you’re paying pretty close to $2 a pop. It’s fairly average.
  • Stimulation – 4/10. There’s some stimulation.
  • Energy – 5/10. There’s a decent energy boost, however, nothing extraordinary.
  • Focus – 7.5/10. You will definitely find it easier to zone-in and focus on training.
  • Pumps – 9/10. Very powerful, skin-splitting pumps.

Overall, I can conclude my Black Magic Supply BZRK review by offering it to those on stim-breaks, intermediate users, or those who love pump-focused workouts. It’s by no means a bad preworkout but it’s definitely not for stim-lovers.

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