Bang Energy Cell Swell Review

Quick rundown

  • Jack-of-all-trades for those looking for value!
  • Stim-free preworkout
  • Has creatine
  • Decent pumps
  • Decent health benefits
  • No focus

Bang Energy Cell Swell Review


Everyone knows Bang Energy by now. Their well-known CEO, massive influencer marketing, and good energy drinks have taken the world by storm. Now they seem to be branching out to preworkouts.

After all, preworkouts are basically improved energy drinks. I wanted to see whether they have what it takes to be in the market so I decided to do a Bang Energy Cell Swell review. It’s unusual to say the least.


Cell Swell Review Ingredients
Cell Swell Review Ingredients

  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 (5000mg) – Classic pump ingredient. Improves the production of Nitric Oxide which results in better pumps. Dosed decently well, although, L-Citrulline by itself could go up to 6g.
  • Creatine Monohydrate (3000mg) – Jack-of-all-trades. Creatine does everything from better pumps, better muscle definition, power output, mental acuity. However, it needs to saturate the muscles over time, so to get the most out of it you have to take Bang Energy Cell Swell daily.
  • Betaine Anhydrous (2500mg) – Endurance, anti-fatigue, and anti-aging ingredient. Also helps with digestion. For anti-aging purposes it acts as a methyl group donor. Methyl groups are used to repair DNA. Dosed clinically.
  • Calcium Lactate (2000mg) – Rare health ingredient. Almost no preworkouts have it, but it’s supposed to mostly improve a wide variety of health markers if you’re lacking in calcium. Unfortunately, that’s quite rare.
  • L-Citrulline (1000mg) – Pump ingredient. See Citrulline Malate.
  • NITRO JACK™ (Arugula Extract) (500mg) – Health ingredient. Supposedly, should also improve nitric oxide production and several other factors, however, it’s unproven.
  • AmealPeptide® Lactotripeptide (275mg) – Unique ingredient. Studies indicate it could improve blood flow in middle-aged and older populations. Could be used to add pumps if it works on younger people.
  • Creatyl-L-Leucine (Super Creatine®) (250mg) – Unique ingredient. Supposedly, a combination of Creatine and L-Leucine that should add the benefits of both, primarily improving ATP synthesis (power output). However, it’s unclear if it works.
  • S7™ (100mg) – Novel pump ingredient. S7 is supposed to greatly enhance Nitric Oxide production, turning into amazing pumps. High dose.
During my Bang Energy Cell Swell review, my first thought was “what a weird label”. It seems to be focused on pumps, bone health, and power output. It clearly intends to be a jack-of-all-trades.

My Experience

It wasn’t much of an experience, unfortunately. My Cell Swell review was a slight disappointment.

Of course, there’s no negative side effects to taking Cell Swell, so that’s nice. However, the positives aren’t that sky high. It doesn’t seem to do anything really well. Pumps are the best, but they’re decent at best. There’s barely any focus or mood elevation.

It’s nice to get a pump and creatine product in one, however, usually most people are used to having creatine outside of their preworkouts. Cell Swell only seems to be somewhat good for those who want a one-size-fits-all solution.

In short, Bang Energy Cell Swell is the 3-in-1 coffee of the preworkout world.

HyperMax Extreme Review Summary

  • Price – 6/10. Only 20 servings. Price is decent tho.
  • Focus – 0/10. Nothing there to improve it.
  • Pumps – 6/10. They’re okay.
  • Mood elevation – 0/10. No mood elevation ingredients, of course, lead to no mood elevation.

Overall, there’s better true preworkouts out there. If you’re looking for a value, one-size-fits-all product that sort of functions as a preworkout, Bang Energy’s Cell Swell might be pretty good for it.

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