Apollon Nutrition Hooligan V5 Review

Quick rundown

  • Incredible label
  • Very strong stimulation
  • Extreme pumps
  • Strong focus

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Apollon Nutrition Hooligan V5 Review


Apollon Nutrition Hooligan is one of the strongest non-DMAA preworkouts on the market. There’s a ton of caffeine in the label and plenty other well-dosed ingredients. As much as I’ve tried Apollon Nutrition Hooligan for this review, it’s probably been my favorite preworkout. I do enjoy stim-junkie preworkouts but sometimes you want something closer to Earth and not blast your brains out on energy.

If you are looking for something strong without any illicit ingredients your choice should always be Apollon Nutrition Hooligan. Review time!


Apollon Nutrition Hooligan V5 Label Review
Apollon Nutrition Hooligan V5 Label Review

I’ll be basing my review of Apollon Nutrition Hooligan based on 1 scoop dosages.

  • L-Citrulline (7000mg) – Incredible dose for an incredible pump ingredient. L-Citrulline can go up to 10g but very few preworkouts do, only Gorilla Mode Nitric has reached that level. Hooligan is a close second with 7 grams of L-Citrulline. Expect some nasty pumps.
  • Beta-Alanine (3500mg) – A muscular endurance and tingle ingredient. Hooligan is no slouch – most preworkouts add 3.2g of Beta-Alanine. Apollon Nutrition go above and beyond with 3.5g. Expect some incredible tingles and long workouts.
  • Betaine HCl 98% (2500mg) – Sort of a jack-of-all-trades ingredient. Dosed well, will help with endurance, power output, and many other gym-related things.
  • L-Tyrosine (2000mg) – A nootropic ingredient that aids with focus and concentration. Will get you zoned in and will help with the mind-muscle connection. Clinical dose!
  • Agmatine Sulphate (2000mg) – Pump and potentially analgesic ingredient. Will greatly increase nitric oxide levels, give pumps, and possibly have some anti-inflammation properties. Apollon Nutrition Hooligan beats out the competition yet again as it has more Agmatine Sulfate than nearly any other product.
  • Lion’s Mane (1000mg) – A nootropic and focus ingredient. A lovely dose, nearly double the clinical dose of 600mg. Will greatly help with focus, concentration, and cognition.
  • Alpha GPC 50% (600mg) – A nootropic ingredient. I love to see Alpha GPC as it’s the most effective form of Choline. Helps with focus, concentration, and cognition. Combined with Lion’s Mane will definitely bring you in the zone.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (450mg) – A classic stimulant. Pretty hefty dose of caffeine right here, worth about 4-5 cups of coffee, will definitely kick you in the butt to get going and lift those weights.
  • Theobromine (300mg) – A nootropic ingredient. Extracted from chocolate, provides some cognition, stimulation and mood elevation benefits.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (250mg) – A hydration and muscle contraction ingredient. Will increase hydration and help with muscles contractions or relaxation.
  • Rhodiola Rosea (200mg) – Anti-stress, mood elevation and energy ingredient. Usually dosed at 500-600mg. Still, it will likely be effective as an anti-fatigue supplement.
  • Di-Caffeine Malate (200mg) – Another stimulant. You’ll be getting a total yield of 650mg of caffeine. That’s an insane dose, be prepared for stimulation.
  • elevATP (150mg) – Energy ingredient. It’s basically adenosine phosphate which partly how the body produces energy.
  • AstraGin (50mg) – Digestion ingredient. Will help you absorb all the other ingredients.

Overall, Apollon Nutrition Hooligan has a huge, well-dosed label. There’s basically no ilicit or shady ingredients. It’s just a well-stacked preworkout that’s incredibly strong.

My Experience

I don’t ever experience tingles and during my review of Apollon Nutrition Hooligan it has been no different. Although I’ve heard from friends that they got very strong tingles and experienced them extremely quickly.

A stand out factor for Hooligan for me was the pumps. Absolutely bonkers, incredible pumps that made the entire experience very memorable. After this review is finished, I’ll be using Hooligan as a pump preworkout.

Stimulation is strong as well. Of course, it’s no Dark Labs Crack as it has no illicit ingredients. Yet, the stimulation and the strong boost of energy was still off the charts. It lacked a little bit of that highness and mood elevation department, though.

Overall, it’s a pretty great, fairly safe preworkout. I would say it’s for those on the low stim-junkie or intermediate level.

Apollon Nutrition Hooligan V5 Review Summary

  • Price – 2/10. If you go the 2 scoop route, it’s not going to last long.
  • Stimulation – 7/10. While stimulation is not insane, it’s clean. There’s no “cracked out feel” to it.
  • Energy – 8/10. Definitely brings a nice kick to it.
  • Focus – 6/10. There’s noticeable increased focus, though there’s a distinct lack of the “narrowed down” feel.
  • Pumps – 9.5/10. Pumps were almost painful!

Overall, Apollon Nutrition Hooligan is a strong all-around preworkout with pumps being the standout effect of it. Definitely worth keeping for those days when the stim-junkie preworkouts seem too much.

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