Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme Preworkout Review

Quick rundown

  • Extremely strong mood elevation
  • Highly improved focus
  • Long-lasting energy (4-5h)
  • No stim-sickness

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Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme Review


Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme is the strongest preworkout from the fairly new company. I am reviewing the new formula as the previous one had DMHA in it. Surprisingly, even after its removal, during my Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme review I found that this version seems even stronger. Superhuman Supreme once again proves that to get a great combination you don’t need illicit ingredients.

Closest comparison to Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme is most likely God Status Labz Zeus. A very strong, very clean preworkout that helps you kill the weights. Ready for the full review of Superhuman Supreme?


Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme Label Review
Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme Label Review
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg) – Classic stimulant. A little low on the caffeine side but there are plenty of other stimulants going for it. Should provide you a kick worth of two to three cups of black coffee.
  • Juniper Berry Extract (200mg) – A jack-of-all-trades ingredients. Will mostly provide mood elevation, anti-anxiety, and improved blood flow.
  • N,N-Dimethylphenethylamine Citrate (200mg) – A powerful CNS stimulant also known as Eria Jarensis Extract. Serious boosts to mental clarity, energy, and focus.
  • InfiniEnergyDiCaffeine Malate (75% Caffeine) (100mg) – Another form of caffeine. It will hit much later than anhydrous or citrate versions. Usually functions as a anti-crash stimulant.
  • N-Methyl Tyramine (75mg) – Another jack-of-all-trades ingredient with a strong slant on stimulation. Will improve mood, energy, focus and will provide strong stimulation.
  • L-Citrulline Malate (2:1, 7000mg) – Pump ingredient. Since it’s Malate you’re getting 5g of actual L-Citrulline which is not a bad dose. It can go up to 10g but 5g is still a great. Will greatly improve blood flow and pumps.
  • L-Taurine (1000mg) – Anti-oxidant and a hydration ingredient. Will help you keep hydrated which directly translates into better pumps and endurance.
  • S7(100mg) – Pump ingredient. Will boost nitric oxide levels insanely, supposedly well over 200%!
  • Beta Alanine (3500mg) – The classic tingle ingredient. Dosed slightly above clinical dosage will give you the itchy feeling and improve muscular endurance.
  • Betaine Anhydrous (2500mg) – A muscular endurance and anti-fatigue ingredient. Dosed well, will help you carry on with the workout for longer periods of the time.
  • L-Theanine (150mg) – A anti-anxiety and anti-stress ingredient. Will keep you calm and take the edge off of stimulants.
  • AstraGin (50mg) – Digestion aid. Will help you get more out of other ingredients.
  • BioPerine (10mg) – Another digestion aid.

Overall, a very strong label. There’s barely anything left to add to make it better. A little more Citrulline or VASO6 could be added but that’s about it!

My Experience

During my Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme review I experienced the same thing over and over and it was great! Supreme is very consistent with a strong stimulation within the first 30 minutes. But the effects don’t end there. A standout effect was the incredibly mood elevation that kicks in about 45-60 minutes in. It’s amazing, almost feels like you’re going to a party instead of the gym.

Pumps are also very good. There is some small room for improvement but when compared to most preworkouts, Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme still stands out as one of the greats.

Surprisingly, there’s literally no side effects to it unless you’re overly sensitive to stimulants. I had no cotton mouth, no jitters, no dehydration, no “cracked out” feeling. Just for the clean side effect profile I believe Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme is worth your money.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme Review Summary

  • Price -6/10. A little low on the serving size (21 per tub) but for the quality of the preworkout definitely worth it.
  • Energy – 10/10. Very clean, strong hit of energy.
  • Stimulation – 9.5/10. While the stimulation is not as strong as with something like Dark Labs Crack but it’s extremely clean and side effect free.
  • Focus – 7.5/10. There’s a strong boost in focus although it’s a little lacking probably due to the missing nootropic ingredients.
  • Pumps – 9.5/10. Skin-splitting, extremely strong pumps. A very nice experience.

Overall, to finalize my Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme review – if you can handle stronger stimulants, it’s the preworkout to go for. One of my all-time favorites.

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