Core Labs NZT Power Energy Boost Review

Quick rundown

  • Powerful, long-lasting simulation and energy!
  • With DMAA/DMHA.
  • Potentially prescription only!
  • Great mood elevation
  • Extreme focus
  • Strong stimulation
NZT Power Energy Boost Review

NOTE: NZT Power Energy Boost includes Flmodafinil. It is a prescription-only drug in some countries. Do not break the law by ordering. It hasn’t been tested in humans so far. I am not responsible for any legal or other troubles you might experience by ordering or taking this compound.


I have been always looking for something that might improve the writing focus and other mental tasks I do throughout the day. As soon as I noticed NZT Power Energy Boost I knew I had to review it. It had included many of the most powerful stimulant compounds and added one that is rarely seen anywhere. Mostly, due to the shaky legal and health status of Flmodafinil.

However, the label was definitely enticing. Add the reference to the “limitless” pill and you seem to have a winner. So, I couldn’t pass up doing a NZT Power Energy Boost Review.


NZT Power Energy Boost Review Label
NZT Power Energy Boost Review Label
  • Flmodafinil (200mg) – Powerful, stimulant-like substance, wakefulness agent. Extremely powerful wakefulness agent that is supposed to be a more powerful version of it’s parent compound Modafinil. Modafinil has been shown to reduce mental fatigue up to the point of removing the negative effects associated with loss of sleep (up to one night’s sleep). Interestingly, Modafinil is considered extremely safe. Flmodafinil is supposed to be stronger than Modafinil, however, reports vary and no studies have been done. 200mg of regular Modafinil is the regularly prescribed dose, accordingly Flmodafinil should be even stronger.
  • Tryptamine HCL (100mg) – Serotonin precursor. Should improve the production of serotonin which will boost mood and focus.
  • Rhodiola Rosea (100mg) – Adaptogen. Should improve mood, raise focus, and reduce fatigue. Even if the dosing looks a little low, the extract is about twice as strong as most Rosea extracts. Unfortunately, lower doses are suitable for sustained use. It’s unlikely you’ll be using NZT Power Energy Boost for extended periods of time.
  • Alpha GPC 99% (100mg) – Nootropic. Restores Choline concentrations in the brain which are often used up by other nootropics. Mainly, the -racetam family takes up Choline reserves. Alpha GPC is also the most effective form of Choline, however, it’s so underdosed that I doubt it does that much.
  • DMHA (100mg) – Powerful stimulant. One of those illicit compounds that provides insane stimulation, energy, and mood elevation. Pretty high dose as most preworkouts, for example, only go up to 200mg.
  • DMAA (50mg) – Another powerful stimulant. DMAA is considered the more powerful version of DMHA and brings much of the same. Though, it should be noted that DMAA is more stimulatory and less focused on mood elevation. 50mg is again a powerful dose, most preworkouts go up to 100mg with some rare cases going up to 120mg.
  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract (50mg) – Nootropic. Should improve memory, attention, focus. However, dosed about 1/6th of the standard dose. Unlikely to have much of an effect.
  • Hordenine HCL (10mg) – Fat burner and stimulant. Should provide some stimulation, improve energy output, and burn a little of fat.
  • Grape Seed Extract 95% (10mg) – Nootropic (probably). Has a lot of potential uses, however, it’s likely put here as a nootropic as it can help, supposedly, with ADHD.
  • Naringenin (5mg) – Antioxidant. Has a number of potential uses, however, most promising as an antioxidant that may buffer some negative effects of the other compounds.
  • Jalapeno (5mg) – Assuming this is Capsaicin, the active ingredient in Jalapenos and not the pepper itself (if it’s the pepper, the ingredient is worthless). Capsaicin may improve weight loss and relieve pain.
  • Piperine 95% (5mg) – Digestion aid. Will help you shuttle all those ingredients into your system better and faster.

Overall, there are three standout ingredients – Flmodafinil, DMHA, and DMAA. Unfortunately, everything else seems woefully underdosed and not that powerful. They may provide a nice boost but definitely won’t blow anyone away.

My Experience

I think I was a victim of reading the label and setting my expectations too high. As I saw the Flmodafinil, DMHA, and DMAA, I was expecting to be absolutely blown away, to experience something nothing else can match. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly that. However, it was still one of the most powerful things I have ever tried.

NZT Power Energy Boost kicks in quite quick. I would say 30 minutes or less, the stimulation kicks in. Once that settles in, the focus arrives. After that, most other things in the world vanish. Whatever you started doing, you won’t want to get up. The effect is so powerful, the zoning in is so intense that you may start delaying other activities (such as going to the toilet or eating) until you absolutely need to. This effect will definitely last at least 4-5 hours, more sensitive people may get 8 and more.

However, I found energy and mood elevation to be a little weird during my NZT Power Energy Boost review. There’s definitely a surge of energy, however, it’s more of a mental energy, closer related to focus. As I’ve mentioned, it zones you into any mental activity. You don’t want to work out while on NZT Power Energy Boost at all. Therefore, the boost isn’t exactly what you’d expect.

Mood elevation is a close second in the weirdness. You’re very focus and dialed into the activity. There’s a definite boost in mood when doing that activity. However, any distractions or something of the like quickly lower the mood. Could even make you snappy.

There are side effect. One of them is that you can get a pretty nasty headache if you don’t drink enough water. Make sure to prepare at least one 0.5l (~18 oz) water bottle and drink all of it during your activity. Trust me, the headache isn’t very fun.

Additionally, there’s extreme appetite suppression. You won’t want to eat for hours on end. That could be pretty good for fat loss. However, I do recommend eating a hearty meal beforehand, otherwise you’ll be staying hungry for quite a bit.

Overall, it’s an amazing compound for when many hours of absolute focus is required. However, make sure to set aside a significant amount of time without disturbances.

Core Labs NZT Power Energy Boost Review Summary

  • Price – 1/10. It’s pretty damn expensive. You’re getting 15 caps for 50 euros which is more per serving than pretty much every preworkout other than Imperial Nutrition Excelsior.
  • Stimulation – 10/10. Great way to get a kick in the butt to get going and start doing something.
  • Focus – 10/10. Unbeatable for any mental activity.
  • Energy – 6/10. Long-lasting, although, mostly mental.
  • Mood elevation – 6/10. Decent boost, however, makes you a little snappier than usual.

NOTE: NZT Power Energy Boost includes Flmodafinil. It is a prescription-only drug in some countries. Do not break the law by ordering. It hasn’t been tested in humans so far. I am not responsible for any legal or other troubles you might experience by ordering or taking this compound.

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